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Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Dr Sanjeev Mohanty | Ent Doctor in Chennai
Dr Sanjeev Mohanty | Ent Doctor in Chennai | Manapakkam

  1. Perform vocal warm-ups. On the way to work, hum a few scales to help get the blood flowing to your neck.

  2. Avoid irritants. Caffeine or spicy, high fat, or acidic foods can irritate your larynx and throat.

  3. Take time to engage in activities that you enjoy that help you manage stress and relax.

  4. Take a breath, engaging the diaphragm and abdominals to support your voice.

  5. Talk at the top of your breath, using the air to help carry your voice.

  6. Try to keep your neck and throat relaxed as you talk.

  7. Massage your neck to try to keep the muscles relaxed if needed.

  8. Try using exaggerated prosody, varying your pitch, rather than increasing your volume.

  9. Try to over-articulate, exaggerating movements of the lips, teeth, and tongue instead of getting louder.

  10. Make sure that you have good posture as you are speaking.

  11. Relax your jaw. Unclench your jaw, drop your shoulders and try keeping your entire vocal mechanism as relaxed as you can.

  12. Use an amplification system when in large groups or for teaching class.

  13. Speak with clear speech. Pause between thoughts, use enhanced articulatory precision, use a comfortable speaking rate.

  14. Maintain social distance in order to stop the spread of Covid-19.

  15. Ensure you're facing the individual with whom you're having a conversation.

  16. Don't hesitate to ask for clarification of information or for them to repeat themselves.

  17. Increase your body language use: Body and hand movements and gestures, facial expressions.

  18. Speak with intent. Clearly articulate your words.

  19. Avoid vocal strain. Vocal strain can be similar to any other type of injury. You could typically rehabilitate an injury, but you'd be more vulnerable to experiencing similar issues down the road.

  20. Above all, maintain your health in general, getting adequate rest, exercise,hydration and balanced nutrition.

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