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Tympanoplasty | Stapedotomy Surgery Specialist in Chennai | Dr Sanjeev Mohanty

Physical distancing could also create communication challenges like :

  • Speech could sound quieter because the levels of sound go down with distance.

  • You can't get closer, lean in, or use similar strategies to assist in the breakdown of communication.

  • Focusing your attention on speech could be difficult at a distance with the environmental sounds, like a loud car stereo or the chirping of birds.

  • It's harder to see visual cues like the speaker's lips or facial expression at a distance

For further queries about the infections, diseases, and treatments of the ear, nose or throat, Dr Mohanty’s Speciality ENT Clinics in Chennai, India can help in a number of ways,

Dr Mohanty’s Speciality ENT Clinics

Manapakkam, Chennai, India.

For Consultation: +91 97910 74677


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