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What are main reasons for considering tonsillectomy?

Infection People can randomly get an infection now and again, but if you are getting more than the average number of infections per year or have had several infections per year for many years in a row then it might be reasonable to remove your tonsils. If your tonsil infections are due to the Streptococcus bacteria , then even fewer numbers of infections are required to consider removal.

Obstruction Enlarged tonsils can block air from passing well through your throat. This can lead to difficulties with physical activity, snoring, and in some cases obstructive sleep apnea.

Chronic tonsillitis – Symptoms of this include chronic tonsillar pain, sore throat, bad breath, and tonsil stones. Infection may not be present in these cases. If this is causing social issues or significantly affecting your quality of life, then tonsillectomy may be considered.

Suspicion for cancer Tonsil masses, ulcers, and other findings like neck masses may prompt your ENT physician to biopsy or remove your tonsils to make sure these findings are not associated with cancer.




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