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All about Head & Neck tumour treatment options! | Dr. Mohanty’s Speciality ENT Clinics

Dr. Mohanty’s Speciality ENT Clinics is the one stop clinic for expert consultations & advanced care in the treatment and prevention of cancers in the head and neck area. Head & Neck cancer includes cancer of the lip, oral cavity (mouth), nasal cavity, sinuses, pharynx, larynx (voice box), salivary glands, parathyroid and thyroid. The speciality is well supported with advanced diagnostics and treatment technologies.

When should you consult a Head & Neck Surgeon ?

Warning signs & symptoms :


If you notice any of these symptoms lasting for more than four weeks, it's important to consult a qualified specialist-

Ulcers: A sore or ulcer in the mouth, tongue, or lip that won't heal, and white or red patches on your gums, tongue, or mouth lining

Oral Mobility: Difficulty protruding your tongue or fully opening your mouth

Gum Issues: Swelling in the gums causing issues with dentures fitting, and unusual bleeding, pain, or numbness in the mouth or cheek

Ear and Head Discomfort: Ongoing earaches or headaches

Throat Changes: Feeling like something's stuck in your throat or having a persistent sore throat

Speech and Voice Changes: Slurred speech or hoarseness

Swallowing Problems: Painful or difficult swallowing and breathing difficulties

Facial Swelling: Cheek thickening, swelling around or under the jaw, possibly with numbness or facial paralysis

Unexplained Weight Loss: Significant weight loss with no clear reason

Neck Lumps: Progressive enlargement of lumps in your neck and streaks of blood in your sputum

For more details, contact :


Prof Dr Sanjeev Mohanty

Senior Consultant & Head

Dr.Mohanty’s Speciality ENT Clinics

Manapakkam , Chennai

Contact : +919840131091


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