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It is still a dream for many to have a good night’s quo-ta of sound sleep. This is compounded by the increas-ing levels of stress on a daily basis, especially with work life balancing acts becoming difficult with each passing day. If you snore, you may be one among many. Yes ! habitual snoring has effects on your emo-tional well-being and physical health. Snoring while sleeping disturbs the peaceful sleep of others around you.

"It's just a snore" is your commonly used phrase. This article is penned especially to educate you on the health risks associated with snoring.

You might think that snoring doesn't affect your health. The severity of snoring results in deteriorating your health in the progressing years.

It depends on your awareness of the possible treatment and the risks you may contract due to snoring. But you often force others to adjust your snoring sounds when sleeping. For every health problem, there is a solution. The medical condition outweighs snoring, which made the common people, including you, forget snoring is a health risk accelerator. Let us get to the context straight away. Stroke You might be like, "Seriously? Don't be kidding". Snoring is associated with stroke. Are you surprised? You are! But how? When you snore, the arteries in your neck narrow down. When your brain receives insufficient oxygenated blood, there is a high risk of stroke progress. Why didn't I experience stroke risks being snoring for more than a while? This question would have struck your mind. You're right! Strokes due to snoring do not progress within a few days of disturbed sleep associated with snoring.

The loud snoring for a long time accelerates the progression of brain stroke. Snoring leads to fatty deposits of "plaque" in the arteries. These deposits gradually block the blood flow in the arteries, which carry blood to your brain. If you are suffering from high blood pressure in addition to snoring, you are recommended to take proper treatment from qualified professionals. Interrupted Breathing When you're having a snoring sleep, you might have experienced interrupted breathing. But it might be impossible to observe by yourself. The irregular breathing pattern results in irregular heartbeats and rhythms, a serious condition to look after. Due to arrhythmia, you are prone to heart dis-ease compared to people who don't snore. If you're being reminded about your irregular/paused breathing by your known family members, please pay attention and take snoring treatment to eliminate other health complications. Sleep Disturbances Quality of sleep tells how good your health condition is. Do you have the practice of waking up in between your sleeping hours whenever you snore? This is quite commonly observed in people who used to have snoring sleep. These disturbances cost your good health. Once you wake up from sleep for any reason, you find it very hard to resume your sleep. At times you would have gone into a phase of sleeplessness (insomnia). This, in turn might lead to some form of mental depression too. This might be due to your snoring sleep which makes you have disturbed sleep as a forerunner for the downside of mental wellbeing. If you're mentally not at ease and, at the same time, you are experiencing sleep disturbances with snoring episodes often, please consult the specialist doctor to know about your health condition. Daylight Sleepiness If you have disturbed sleep at night, you have no choice but to compensate for your sleep during the daylight hours. Your sleeping pattern changes affect your professional career as you fail to achieve the designated productivity. Sleep is uncontrollable. If traveling around the corner of the city is your work nature, then there is a chance to hit by travel accidents. When driving, you must stay focused rather than feel sleepy. If you are used to snoring and experiencing the briefed routine, please be careful and consult an ENT surgeon & sleep specialist to find a cure. Headaches Do you used to wonder why you were suffering from a headache the moment you woke up? Do you snore? Your reply is the answer to your headaches.

Snoring and headaches are interlinked. This case need not be the same with every people snoring. The treatment and pills your intake for your headaches might not be effective since snoring is the root cause of your migraine or headaches. Finding a cure for snoring will be the recommendation to cure your headaches.

Conclusion Like other health illnesses, snoring might cause other associated health problems. If you're having a snoring sleep and suffering from associated illnesses, please consult an ENT specialist to find a cure for your snoring and sleep related breathing disorders.

For enquiries : DR. MOHANTY’S SPECIALITY ENT CLINICS Manapakkam , Chennai Website : Email: Phone : +91 9840131091

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