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Patient - Mrs. Bharathi | Successful Tumour Removal Surgery by Dr. Sanjeev Mohanty

This is the joyous story of Mrs. Bharathi, living independently, with her daughter staying overseas , miles away to be around in times of health crisis or in emergency. Unfortunately, she noticed two rapidly growing neck masses in the thyroid & parotid glands of the right side.

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What was a seemingly innocuous swelling on the right-hand side of her neck , had increased in size un proportionately – and so did the possibility of imminent complications, based on the scans & cytology reports pointing out towards twin malignancies of thyroid & parotid glands.

While, an initial opinion was sought from an established health centre close by, from a specialist , there was something that was inconclusive and missing in the mind of the patient regarding definitive treatment . Mrs. Bharathi and her daughter then deliberated and discussed with friends & relatives only to contact Prof. Dr. Sanjeev Mohanty in his private chamber for a second opinion & consultation.

Prof. Dr Sanjeev Mohanty is our Senior Consultant & HOD, ENT , Head & Neck Surgery . He is an experienced & acclaimed Head and Neck Surgeon with proven track record clinically. This synchronous glandular tumours of both the parotid and thyroid had to be dealt with caution and precision to ensure patient safety at all times. With the FNAC report being inconclusive and pointing out to indeterminate variety of adenomatous nodule , with strong suspicion of malignancy , Dr. Mohanty made the critical decision of conducting simultaneous removal of both tumours via a modified incision which would also be aesthetically pleasing.

Besides, the cytology & radiological scans suggesting malignancy expedited the decision to remove the affected glands simultaneously in the same sitting rather than staging the procedures. Both total parotidectomy and total thyroidectomy with intra operative frozen section control was performed successfully. The surgical procedure entails a lot of finesse as the neuro vascular structures like the facial & recurrent laryngeal nerves were in close proximity to the lesions described.

Thankfully, the entire surgery was performed without any post operative complications whatsoever. A brilliant teamwork helped alongside to compliment this surgery resulting in smiles all round. It’s also fair to add that this successful conduct of combined surgery of total parotid & thyroid in one sitting is uncommon in modern clinical practice. 15 months on, the patient is back to leading a very normal , happy life with an enriched self esteem, free from the vagaries of ill health in the mind & body.

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