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Ent Surgeon in Chennai | Ent Specialist In Chennai

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Dr.Mohanty ENT Surgeon - Always There

It’s a privilege to serve the community of Chennai by providing quality medical attention through sound medical advice and responsible diagnosis and curative surgical procedures.

Having a friendly accessible physical location and easy online access, having an extremely safe and hygienic clinic, and hassle-free and safe consulting using all possible means is our way of being of service.

It is compassionate and cost-effective. Our suite of available services includes the most up-to-date options for management of all pediatric and adult conditions of the ears, nose (including sinus and breathing problems), throat, tonsils, voice, swallowing, and neck (including head and neck cancer and thyroid masses). We also have full-service hearing testing, hearing aid evaluation, speech pathology services along with diagnosis and management of chronic ENT disorders.

Dr Mohanty’s Speciality ENT Clinics

Manapakkam, Chennai, India.

For Consultation: +91 97910 74677

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