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Management of hearing loss in senior citizens | Dr Sanjeev Mohanty

Prof Dr. Sanjeev Mohanty 

Dr.Mohanty’s Speciality ENT Clinics

Management of hearing loss in senior citizens | Dr Sanjeev Mohanty

What is hearing loss in old age or elderly population?

  • Hearing loss or PRESBYCUSIS is a physiological age related process which occurs in all individuals in their old age and like other organs in the body which also undergoes wear & tear with time.

What is the cause of hearing loss in elderly people?

  • It is due to degeneration of outer hair cells of the cochlea (sensory organ of hearing) or due to neural degeneration.

Can hearing loss be prevented or stopped from progressing?

  • As with other body parts, once hearing loss sets in , it is generally progressive in nature and cannot be prevented spontaneously

How to assess whether one has started developing hearing loss?

  • Difficulty in routine conversations.

  • Increasing the volume of the television or radio than before.

  • Difficulty in telephonic conversations.

  • Low social interaction

How can one treat hearing loss?

  • As soon as you realize that the above signs are positive, consult your ENT surgeon and get your hearing evaluated.

  • Majority of the people show SENSORI NEURAL loss and require appropriate HEARING AID , after a HAT ( hearing aid trial )



How to decide that when to use hearing aid?

  • Get routine screening of hearing status and if successive hearing tests show progression of hearing loss then consult your ENT specialist & Audiologist to get proper advice.

Can all hearing loss be treated with hearing aids?

  • Hearing aids work till the hearing loss is severe but beyond that when hearing loss becomes profound (beyond 90 – 100 db) even hearing aids fail to help.

What is the treatment if hearing aids do not help?


  • Cochlear implant is a device which directly stimulates the neurons of the cochlear nerve and by passes cochlear & is done in patients with BILATERAL PROFOUND HEARING LOSS.

  • The results of Cochlear implant surgery is very rewarding in elderly ,as the patient already has a very good speech & just requires sound signal in the ear to be connected to the brain.

What can be done to prevent progression of hearing    loss once it has started ?

  • Consult your ENT specialist regularly.

  • Regular hearing evaluation every 6 months.

  • Get a hearing aid before it’s too late.

  • Healthy diet & avoid stress.

  • Avoid drugs which are toxic to the ears.

  • Follow the advice of your ENT surgeon


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